Smart Mobility

Internet of Private Things

More and more small embedded computers with attached sensors and actuators can be found within our daily life. They help to sense the environment around us, help to get a better understanding of what is important for us, our well-being and help to avoid both exhausting and boring repetitive tasks. For companies sensors and event processing give valueable real time insights enhancing the cababilities of traditional business intelligence. Nevertheless those data sets might tell stories about us, our habits and little secrets most people are not even aware of themselves.

We help customers to take the most of their private data keeping a reasonable balance between all the pervasive little helpers and the loss of privacy and business secrets.

Smart Mobility

Electric mobility, new ways of public transport, ride sharing - the way we organize our ubiquitous wish and need to be mobile and the transport of goods is changing rapidly. Smart mobility is highly data-driven and no longer just optimizes direct costs, but also tries hard to minimize the negative consequences of transport and mobility for our clima and our environment.

We help customers to build next-generation mobility solutions based on open standards and provide best implementations for optimized performance and minimize maintenance costs. This can not only be Open Government Data but also Open Corporate Data between collaborating companies how want to reduce todays high costs of data integration.

Open Data

"Software and connected data is eating the world" - only people who can make the most out of fast data processing in an ever changing open world will be able to shape the future and adapt their business models to the requirements of tomorrow.

We help customers to create, curate and share their own data sets, reuse existing data sets and refine both via powerful data analysis tools and data management processes.